Paraguay Retail Market

[slideshow_deploy id=’1795′] The Paraguay retail market is one of the smallest but most active retail markets in South America. Paraguay retail market activity has grown substantially in the last decade. The capital city Asuncion and Ciudad del Este, which has been described as the “largest shopping center in South America”, concentrate the bulk of the Paraguay retail market activity. Despite its size limitations and concerns about counterfeits and contraband,  the Paraguay retail market has steadily been attracting investments in shopping center development, as well as the entry of international retail brands. Paraguay Retail Market

Paraguay welcomes foreign investment and treats it as domestic.  A 2013 IMF report estimates that Paraguay’s economy will grow about 10%. Paraguay’s economy  is highly dependent on Argentina’s and Brazil’s economies. The country’s borders are centers of robust shopping activity.

Two of the biggest challenges international brands face in the Paraguay retail market are counterfeits and contraband. The government’s limited resources and problems of corruption add to the challenges . Due to the size and prevalence of the informal commerce sector,  retail projections of the Paraguay retail market  are difficult to measure and estimate.

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