South America Retail

South America retail market activity has been thriving in the 21st century.  The region is home to a young population that is quickly approaching 400 million. The South America retail market market provides ample investment and expansion opportunities to retail investors and international brands.  A recent World Bank report found a 50% increase in the middle class during the last decade in the region. The IMF projects that South America’s economy will grow  3.5 % in 2013. South America Retail Market

The South America retail market has become one of the most desired retail investment destinations in the world. Brisk activity from developers as well as the entry of international brands into the market has radically changed the landscape of South America’s cities. The streets of today’s  South America’s cities boast an impressive  array of shopping centers and retail activity second to none in the world.

South America’s retail market is home to  giants such as Brazil, and smaller countries such as Paraguay.The South America retail market is vast and diverse and requires effective strategies, knowledge, and experience to reap the highest returns. Not all retail investments made in South America’s retail market end up being successful. Just as there are multiple examples of success stories, there are also various examples of failures.Latin America Retail Market


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