Latin America Retail Market Reports

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Latin American Retail Connection Launches Retailnómetro™, Latin America’s First Retail Index And Aims To Become the Go To Retail Market Intelligence Tool in Latin America.

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Dallas, TX, December, 15, 2014. Franco Calderón, President and Founder of Latin American Retail Connection, “Your Connection to Latin Retail”, announces the launch of Retailnómetro™ Latin America’s first retail index. Published yearly and updated quarterly, or monthly when extraordi-nary events take place, Retailnómetro™ is a timely, practical, and reliable tool international retail players can use when evaluating entry or exit strategies in Latin America. Retailnómetro’s simple to follow 4- color- system is designed as an intuitive direction indicator where green stands for “GO”, yellow for “CONSIDER”, orange for “CAUTION”, and red for “AVOID”, similar to a modified traffic signal system. Retailnómetro™ takes the complexity , heterogeneity and asymmetry of Latin America’s retail markets and translates big macro and micro data into actionable retail intelligence. Retailnómetro™ simplifies the job of decision makers when evaluating the opportunities, challenges and risks each Latin American country presents. The launch of Retailnómetro™ marks a major milestone for Latin American Retail Connection and for Latin America’s retail markets.

Latin America retail market reports are now available at Latin American Retail Connection for most countries in Latin America.

Types of reports available:

Latin America Retail Market Real Estate Reports:  Include current shopping center and high street data.

Latin America Retail Market Feasibility Reports: Tailored to meet client’s criteria and contain information related to opportunities for your brand in a specific market

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